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The NorESM telecons are aimed at discussing and exchanging science and technology among users and developers of NorESM. Additionally, these telecons provide a valuable forum where information of general interest related to NorESM can be shared. We aim for one or two short scientific presentations, and some sharing of general useful information in this 1 hour telecon. The scientific presentation can be about ongoing or new projects, new findings, new results, model development, diagnostics tools, bugs, … The topics are deliberately open-ended and inclusive and can be anything that you want to share or have feedback on, or you think are useful for other people to know.  Don’t be afraid to present unfinished work – we hope to have constructive and lively discussions.

What is the NorESM-telecon:
– The telecon is an online seminar, dedicated to facilitating discussions and exchanging science among research groups using and developing the NorESM infrastructure.
– The telecon invites researchers and experts in climate modelling and infrastructure to contribute to an informal series of lectures to enhance the interaction between the institutions and researchers using the NorESM infrastructure.
– The telecon serves as a place for sharing information of general interest related to NorESM.
– Normally the telecons are held every third Wednesday (1pm-2pm).

How do I sign up for upcoming NorESM telecons:
– You can subscribe to the NorESM user email to get information about the NorESM telecons, calendar invites, and zoom links:
– Please check your spam folder  when subscribing, but also for noresm-telecon invitations!
– Feel free to send us an email if you encounter problems or don’t receive the calendar invitations 

If you would like to present on the NorESM-telecon, we would be very happy.  Please contact Alok ( ), Ada ( or Dirk (

Upcoming NorESM-telecons:
– 18th October, 2023: Steve Goldhaber (MET Norway) on NorESM workflow
– 8th November, 2023: Sabine Eckhardt (NILU) on Moisture transport and Arctic moisture in NorESM
– 29th November, 2023 Helene Muri (NTNU) on coupling engineering-based sector models with climate models
– 13th December,2023: Fangxing Tian (UiB) on high resolution NorESM2
– 17th January, 2024:  Annica Eckman (SU) on TBA